Famorr Tablet

Famorr Mirror Surface Tablet 

Thin and light with a mirror finish

INHON has released the only dual mirror-surface tablet in the industry. The Famorr features a translucent reinforced glass rear cover with a unique brushed pattern matched to the dual diamond-cut lines on the metal sides that makes the all new Famorr an instant classic.  The original glass back panel has a unique style that not only highlights the owner's personal style but is also resistant to scratching and grime. What is really amazing is that even when the display and back cover are made of reinforced glass, the entire device weighs just 395g and has a thickness of just 8.5mm. The pursuit of perfection and quality at INHON has produced the ultimate in fashionably slim tablets.

Whimsical French Style

Unlike most products on the market with a plastic body, Famorr is designed to be a fashionable tablet and comes in three distinctive colors: Autumn Gold, Summer Red and Winter Blue.

Autumn Gold was inspired by the mysterious night sky of autumn nights and is a highlight of the Famorr series. It not only symbolizes nobility, honor and opulence but also scintillating charm.

Summer Red is a passionate red hue that is as eye-catching as the summer sunset. It represents passion, fighting spirit as well as the user's love for freedom and liberty, making this the most personable and seductive tablet design.

Winter Blue represents the chilling cold of winter nights and is designed for fashionable people who like to keep a low but elegant profile. The unique dark blue brushing, cool translucent glass back cover and reserved, minimalist diamond-cut lines on the sides all reinforce the boutique fashion motif. The entire design is a study of the quiet elegance of European aristocracy. 

Industry-leading 7-layer Lamination Technology and Dual Loop Diamond-Cut Edging

INHON's proprietary 7-layer lamination technology produces fine lines and saturated colors in less than 1 mm of thickness. The ultra-narrow bezels and streamlined design perfectly complement the overall design of Famorr while the dual loop diamond-cut design conveys a sense of low-key elegance. The detailed brushing and bold colors dispense with the novelty of plastic cases. The panel is no longer just black and white but an exquisite craftsmanship in cool metal and glass.

Quad-Core for Extreme Peformance

The Famorr is equipped with a powerful quad-core CPU and 1GB DDR3 memory. Micro-SD expansion and Mini HDMI output are also supported. The powerful hardware enables smooth multi-tasking for games, Internet browsing or TV output for a relaxing multimedia-rich lifestyle.

7.9" HD Display for Enjoying Every Detail

The 7.9" display is the perfect size for portability and ease of reading. A screen resolution of up to 1024x768 means that the owner can use their tablets for reading or output videos through Mini HDMI to a large display or TV. Enjoy high-definition and Full HD /1080p multimedia in comfort at any time.


Dual High Megapixel Camera Design Captures Every Exciting Moment

Famorr is equipped with both a front and rear camera. The 2-Megapixel front camera and 5-Megapixel back camera support intuitive shooting and high detail whether it be travel photos or video-conferencing. The auto-focusing cameras support 720p recording for a stutter-free recording of every precious instant.


High Scalability and Carry Multimedia Information Whether You Go

Consumers are increasingly accustomed to watching videos or storing image data on their tablets but are often hobbled by the limited storage space available. Famorr not only supports Micro SD expansion for up to 32 GB but also USB OTG (On-the-go) mobile data transfers. Connect to USB drives and other peripherals to carry large amounts of multimedia entertainment files with ease. 

Model:INHON Famorr Tablet


Aluminium body
Glass rear cover

Operating System

AndroidTM 4.2.2 (eligible to 4.4.2 upgrade)


Cortex A9 Quad-core, 1.6 GHz






WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0

Web Camera

2-Megapixel front camera
5-Megapixel rear camera (Auto-focus)


Hi-Fi speaker x 1


Mini HDMI x 1, 
Micro USB x 1, 
3.5mm headphone jack x 1,
Microphone x 1
Micro-SD expansion slot x 1 (supports up to 32G)




3500mAh Li-ion battery


Summer Red, Autumn Gold, Winter Blue

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)

199.4 x 138.2 x 8.5 (mm)



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