Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Inhon Group (hereinafter referred to as Inhon) is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Inhon operational activities follow the protection of personal privacy and information security laws. This policy serves to help you understand when Inhon may collect personal information, how Inhon uses and protects personal information, and with whom Inhon may share this information.
If you provide personal information to Inhon, then it is deemed that you accept this policy.

International / Regional Transfer of Personal Data
When you provide personal information on the Inhon website, you understand and agree that your personal information may require transferring cross-border (territories) through Inhon affiliates and that international affiliates may store and process your personal data. All cross-border (territories) transfer, storage, and use of personal data are subject to this Privacy Policy.

You understand that Inhon may provide some of personal data to Inhon distributors and/or contractors to assist Inhon in providing you: on-site repair or door-to-door service, and Inhon shall ensure that distributors and contractors are in strict compliance with Inhon’s Privacy Policy.

Inhon Personal Data Collection and Usage
When browsing the Inhon website, you may decide whether to login, purchase merchandise/products, request product support services or register; when you choose to use these services, Inhon may ask you to provide personal information as follows:
Your name, mailing address (including zip code), e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers and other data to identify youself.
When you register for products or services, Inhon will ask you to provide information about the products purchased, for example: the place of purchase, date, product model and serial number.
Inhon may ask you to complete a customer satisfaction survey.
You may decide whether to provide your language used or level of computer knowledge to help Inhon provide more support services to meet your needs.
When you contact Inhon by phone, your call will be recorded; however, you may object to this recording at any time during the call.
When you e-mail feedback or consultation, or consult Inhon website information, Inhon will ask for your name and email address to respond to your inquiry.
Inhon will only collect personal information within services for which you have selected to participate in, such as:
When you order Inhon products, Inhon will use your personal information to complete the seller's contractual obligations, including payment and delivery of products.
When you download a software product from the website, your personal information will be used for license registration, technical support, product upgrades, discounts or other benefits.
Your customer satisfaction feedback will be used to improve the quality of Inhon products and services.
When you choose to subscribe to free Inhon products, services and other special offers and marketing materials, Inhon will use the personal information you provide to send marketing information to you. You may unsubscribe from these at any time.
When you participate in activities organized by Inhon, your personal information will be used to confirm your participation eligibility and to inform you of event information or sweepstake matters.
Within the scope of a specific purpose, Inhon may provide a portion of provided personal information to Inhon distributors or contractors.
Aside from requests from legislative, appropriate regulatory or judicial authorities, to ensure the prevention of legal claims, counterarguments, fraud and unnecessary wrongdoing, Inhon will not use or transfer your personal information to third parties for unrelated purposes.

Inhon will not sell or market your personal data to third parties.
When the specific purpose for using collected personal information no longer exists, Inhon will stop using your personal information.
Website Security
Inhon adopts appropriate safety measures to protect your personal information from being stolen, tampered with, disclosed or destroyed, including data collection, storage, handling and security measures, as well as physical security measures through internal inspection, to prevent invasion of your personal data from Inhon’s system.  Inhon and affiliates use encrypted data transmission networks; therefore when you provide personal information on the Inhon website, your personal data, whether online or located offline, will be protected.
However, Inhon cannot completely guarantee risk-free network security. Inhon therefore recommends to mix letters and numbers when creating account names and passwords when using the Internet, and to change your password regularly. In addition, you should always update your antivirus software and use an anti-virus / spyware scanner.

Inhon use of Cookies and Web Beacons
“Cookies” are small files saved to your computer that help personalize your online experience. Inhon uses cookies to save your habits and preferences when using the website, so you do not need to re-enter the same information when using the services again.  Inhon also uses cookies to provide customized content and suitable advertisements the next time you visit the website. 
Inhon may use "Web beacons" or similar technologies to help provide better services to meet your needs. When browsing the Inhon website, web beacons will produce a visitor notification which may include your IP address; however, such information will not be used to identify you. Inhon may provide these anonymous browsing notifications to Inhon distributors and/or contractors,

Web beacons are usually used in conjunction with cookies.  If you do not wish for Inhon to use web beacons or cookies, you may disable cookies in your web browser. Even if you refuse to accept cookies, web beacons and other technologies will still detect your visits, but they will not be able to access the information stored in the cookies. Inhon may use web beacons in Inhon marketing e-mails and newsletters in order to determine your clicks or linking information.

You can set your web browser settings to reject cookies; however, you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.
Aside from Inhon service providers, Inhon will not accept third party cookies or web beacons to be placed in Inhon websites or advertisements.
Inhon will only provide subscription services to customers willing to receive Inhon marketing messages. You can decide whether or not to continue subscription at any time.
How to Access or Update your Personal Information
In order to maintain the correctness of your personal information, you can login to the website to search, modify and edit your registration information. For safety purposes, you should log in to the Inhon website using your username and password.

Privacy of Minors
Inhon will not collect personal information from a minor without informing and obtaining consent from the legal representative or guardian. Inhon recommends that a legal representative or guardian of a minor should accompany the minor to the use of this site.
If you are a minor, please seek the consent from your legal representative or guardian.

Special or Sensitive Personal Data
Inhon does not require you to provide special or sensitive personal information, such as your medical or health records, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, sexual lifestyle, criminal records or genes. Please do not provide such information to Inhon.
Other Websites
This website may provide links to other sites, you should be aware that personal information collected at other websites are unrelated and unassociated to Inhon. Upon leaving this website, you should read and understand the privacy and personal information collection policies of the other websites. Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only to the Inhon website.

Anonymous Information
When you visit this website, Inhon will collect your IP address to analyze trends, manage the website, record user activity and collect statistical information for cumulative use. Inhon will not use IP addresses to identify you.
Changes to Privacy Policy
Inhon will occasionally make amendments to this policy; therefore Inhon recommends that you frequently visit our policy. When there are significant changes to the policies, Inhon will post related notifications on the Inhon website.

Contact Inhon
If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Inhon’s privacy policy, or if you think there are any instances whereby Inhon has not complied with this policy, please feel free to contact Inhon.
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