INHON Computer Inc. was established in 2012 and is a member of the INHON Group. The INHON Computer Inc. started out as an OEM for Gigabyte in 2012. INHON Computer subsequently released the ultra-slim Blade 13, a 13.3" Ultrabook and CarbonBook, a 11.6" Ultrabook under the INHON brand. In 2014, the Famorr is released, the world's first dual mirror-surface tablet. The CarbonBook, in particular, won many design awards including the Innovation and Design Award at Computex 2012, the Golden Pin Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. At the time, it was the lightest all carbon-fiber notebook computer in the world. Taiwan's homegrown INHON Computer has made "Exquisite Craftsmanship, Classic Refinement" the brand target and aims to provide consumers an elegant, stylish 3C computer experience that defines their personal style and incomparable classic taste. 

INHON's current product lines include tablets and notebooks:

  • 7.9" Famorr dual mirror-surface tablet

  • 13.3" Blade 13 Ultrabook ultra-slim notebook

  • 11.6" CarbonBook Ultrabook ultra-slim notebook


  • Innovation and Design Award, Computex 2012

  • Golden Pin Design Award

  • Red Dot Design Award

The INHON Group includes:  

  • INHON International Co., Ltd. - Established in 2006

  • INHONtech Co., Ltd. - Established in 2007

  • Leadforce International Bicycle Co., Ltd. - Established in 2011

  • INHON Computing Inc. - Established in 2012

  • INHON Communications Co., Ltd.  - Established in 2012

  • INHON Information Co., Ltd.  - Established in 2014

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